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Learn the latest developments in how companies are Leveraging the Theory of Constraints (TOC) for: 
Addressing significant improvements in supply chain

After a significant improvement in most areas of businesses in products and services, supply shortages and service interruptions have become the order of the day as the world grappled with the COVID virus.

Currently, there is evidence of a transition to regional supply chains, with new trade

agreements, and the onshoring of manufacturing.  These attempts are expected and are good, but will they truly solve the problem of shortages

As we know, applying existing knowledge and practices is no guarantee to deliver on time in full – whether it is a local, national, or transnational supply chain. 

This conference has the timely opportunity to introduce the TOC Way to generating breakthroughs in supply chain management and manufacturing to deliver in full in less time

Improving flow in operations

Attendees will have the opportunity to witness presentations and talk with speakers on many of these important topics;

  • Are you experiencing long replenishment times? 
  • Are you sparring with suppliers on the lack of service levels?  
  • Are you experiencing low or depleted inventories with empty shelf space? 
  • Do late deliveries have major consequences for your customers? 
  • Would you like to improve your inventory turns? 
  • Are you going to meet, beat or miss on revenue targets? 
  • Are protecting your due dates getting more and more expensive? 
  • Are you struggling to attract employees during a labor shortage? 
  • Are you short on skilled workers?


By leveraging TOC in your operations, projects, supply chain management, sales, and existing initiatives you can achieve significant results

Tracking Finance and Performance Measurements

Are your performance measurements and data analytics properly targeted to measure and encourage the needed performance of your organization and supply chains?

Are you using accounting rules based on distorted data and information in making business decisions?

You will experience presentations that will expose you to using the proper data that actually reflect the results of decisions and targets real profitability.

Managing Inventories to Improve Service levels

Supply chain interruptions have unfortunately become an expectation.  From the bull-whip effect on items such as toilet paper and baby formula to worldwide logistics and transport delays, managing inventory at all levels in the supply chain has become increasingly difficult.

With this day-to-day uncertainty, it has also become increasingly difficult to manage inventories to support required service levels while being cash responsible to hold the correct inventory.

Improving Project Management

If you were to do an internet search on Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), you will likely be amazed by the power that CCPM has added to the very large discipline of Project Management.  Significant improvement in Project Management’s Big Three targets of projects being:

  • On Spec
  • On Budget
  • On-time

The critical chain has also been leveraged in more than traditional project environments such as supply chain and operations.

Aligning Technology to Support On-Going Improvement

The Role of Technology: 

In the past 30 years, many of the advancements that TOC has developed have been embedded in many software applications and enterprise systems and have been leveraged with other world-class improvement processes such as Lean, Six-Sigma, TQM, and Dev-Ops, and Agile. Advances in the design and application of technologies have recognized this and have embedded these improvement methodologies into software applications in use every day by much of the business world in many industries.

Especially from TOC the disciplines such:

  • Improving flow, 
  • Demand-Based Replenishment
  • Critical Chain
  • Buffer Management

Have been embedded in many enterprise-wide software applications

The conference theme includes how technology can be leveraged to further add resilience and certainty to the mission to eliminate shortages by learning how to better leverage these capabilities that already exist in your organization.

To Create a Future with No Shortages

Since “The Goal” was first introduced, the Theory of Constraints (TOC) has evolved and developed into one of the top business improvement methodologies used in the world today. But the little-known secret is that most TOC success stories are due to a small addition of TOC rather than wholesale adoption. One pebble can send big waves!

In all TOC implementations, a few key characteristics are apparent:

  • The solutions are inherently simple – it’s common sense but not common practice.
  • Investments and operating expenses are minimal or nothing.
  • The results are almost instantaneous.
  • Firefighting is eliminated.  Harmony results.
  • The results are multi-dimensional: improved profit; more with the same resources; better and timely performance; improved morale.
  • No mass education effort is required.

On Demand is available to all 20th Annual TOCICO conference attendees with an On Demand or In-Person ticket

Here's just a sample of those who've leveraged TOC to reduce shortages and make BIG waves

The 20th Annual TOCICO International Conference

Get ready for a 3-day hybrid conference held from October 31 – to November 2, 2022. Attendees can participate in person at the stunning Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld or online with video & Q&A streaming. The conference is open to anyone, corporations, government, academics, not-for-profits, consultants, students, etc… who are interested in learning how the power of TOC will enable an organization or an individual to prepare for and achieve a future with no shortages.
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“The event was well organized and the topics were very apt and relevant to the real world scenarios.”​

“The event was well organized and the topics were very apt and relevant to the real world scenarios.”​

“The event was well organized and the topics were very apt and relevant to the real world scenarios.”​

“Very good presentations. New insights. Very energizing!”​

"Appreciated getting insights and information for adding value to my working environment"

"I liked exploring of technologies outside of the realm of TOC, and marrying them up to create greater leverage."

"Diverse ideas and the chance to meet some very interesting and intelligent people."

"I enjoyed the networking and socializing opportunities as well as the current case studies which were inspirational"

Pre-Conference Workshops

Upgrade Workshop

Mickey Granot

TOC Operational Solutions - Closing the Gap between Theory and Practice


Sanjeev Gupta

A Myth Busting Masterclass on Project Flow


Carol Ptak and Chad Smith

The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Master Class

Post-Conference Workshops


Humberto Baptista

Retail Myths - A Hands-on Workshop


Lisa Scheinkopf

Assumption Hacking: A TOC Thinking Masterclass

Conference Speakers

Miguel Abuhab

When Picking is the Constraint

Naveen Ahlawat

Near Death Experience to Ever Flourishing – A Journey of Jindal Steel and Power

Vitor Angelelli

Use of TOC Concepts in Neogrid Solutions

Daniela Avancini

Innovative Education for a World with Sustainable Future

Humberto Baptista

Comprehensive Management

Patrick Ciccarelli

Crossing the Abyss: How we Overcame Failure and Found Sales Success

Alejandro Fernandez

The Measurement Nightmare Solved with Throughput Economics Approach

Mickey Granot

The TOC Core Processes - Clearing Confusions, Interdependencies, and Effective Application

Sanjeev Gupta

Peter B. Noonan Memorial Lecture

James Heimuli

Community Regeneration: Shifting South Auckland to a Future With No Shortages

Bimlendra Jha

Near Death Experience to Ever Flourishing – A Journey of Jindal Steel and Power

Ian Larsen

Current and Future Reality at the Speed of Light

Christoph Lenhartz

Creating Stable and Predictable Operations with a Demand Driven Operating Model

Philip Marris

Warning! Quality Control Might be Your Bottleneck

Caroline Mondon

A Future with No Missing Skills

Satoru Murakami

Difference Between KAIZEN and Improvement to Realize "On Going"

Alfredo Mycue

Strengthening Democracy with Constraints Management

Rob Newbold

Goal Alignment: Realizing the Potential of TOC

Priscila Oliveira

TOC for Global Optimization in Engineering Resource

Duncan Patrick

What to Invest in Technology or Benefits? - How an ATV Master Distributor Reimagined its Supply Chain

James Powell

Implementing TOC at Scale, with Partners

Carol Ptak

An Introduction to the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model

Justin Roff-Marsh

Eight Uncomfortable Truths

Jarrod Saxton

Developing Superhero People Who Have Winning Mindsets, Long-Term Commitment and Always do Their Best Work

Webster Ramos Silva

TOC for Global Optimization in Engineering Resource

Dr. Rakesh Sinha

No Shortages Even in Volatile Demand Scenarios

Roy Stratton

Buffer Management in Context: Managing and Reducing Instability

Uwe Techt

More Projects in Less Time

John Thompson

It's Not Complicated - Essentials: Successfully Schedule and Deliver a Portfolio of Complex Routings or Projects

Peter Thorby

Not Your “Grandad” Jonah’s TP Tools

Daniel Walsh

Beyond Critical Chain

Jack Warchalowski

What to Invest in Technology or Benefits? - How an ATV Master Distributor Reimagined its Supply Chain

Kaoru Watanabe

Learning from Failure and Various Giants. TOC & CCPM is Necessary but Not Sufficient for “Product & Service Development” Project

Andy Watt

1. The TOC Solution to Warehousing & 2. How Large Corporates Can Implement Change Effectively

Richard White

The Productivity Challenges and Opportunities in Global Supply Chain

Simon White

How Large Corporates Can Implement Change Effectively

Richard Zultner

The New 7 Questions for Technology (7QT): And the Search for Hidden TOC Treasure

On Demand is available to all 20th Annual TOCICO conference attendees with an On Demand or In-Person ticket

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